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How to get it

Refer a friend to pick2heal, explain the importance of preventive healthcare and help them to join preventive membership. You can share your p2h id while he / she join preventive.Once he /she join preventive by refering your p2h id, You will get Rs 50 in your account as #Preventive Coin.
Increase coin value

In addition to get Rs 50, there is a working pattern for increasing your #Preventive Coin value. Once you add your friend to preventive membership, and after that whenever that friend do a blood test through pick2heal, your #Preventive Coin value will increases according to the algorithm designed.
Reduce blood testing cost

Let's say if you have Rs 200 in your #Preventive Coin. Next time when you do a blood test, assume you have to pay Rs 150 for the test. Then you have to pay only Rs 1 for the test as we reduce Rs 149 from your #Preventive Coin and your remaining coin value would be Rs 200 - Rs 149 = Rs 51. It's that cool.
Let's refer your friends / relatives to pick2heal preventive to stay them healthy and make yourself happy.