Patient Loyalty Program

Spending a lot of money to stand out your
lab / scanning center / hospital brand and marketing.

Tried traditional marketing channels like Bill boards, Radio, News papers, Television etc.Investment is too high for all these and ROI is not guaranteed. Are you looking some other way to do it effectively ?

how to brand a hospital

We help you

Most hospital's laboratories are offering blood testing services to direct walking patients. But popular belief is that the hospital only allow those ticket taken patients to do health check ups at their premises. We are trying to change this misbelief by making tie-ups with the labs operating inside hospitals, listing them on the platform and giving visiblity to public. And also we help diagnostic centers and scanning centers to sell their services online and bring more patients to their premises.

Patient Loyalty Program

Loyal and satisfied patients are enormously valuable to your lab / scanning centers / hospital business. Having them can help you thrive and upsetting them can make you suffer.

Then ask yourself: What else can you offer to your existing patients ?

patient loyalty program

Family Care Code (FCC)

As a healthcare organization it is important for you to make your patients feel that you are taking care of them even they left out from hospital after treatment. This will definitely make them feel loyal to your organization. So here we would come up with an attractive reward program which would delight existing patients and entice new ones. We proposed to run a marketing promotion delivering a coupon-based reward for every IP patients – wherein a "Free pick2heal preventive membership" will give to the patients and their family members to check Sugar, Cholesterol and BP just @ Rs 1. The campaign reinforced the hospital's positioning and value to the patient. Patients can avail a free pick2heal preventive membership (Or you can collect the coupon price Rs 200 and in either ways it worth the patient) through the coupon codes and avail blood testing from the labs listed on The perceived value of the coupon is Rs.530 – a WIN-WIN for the hospital and the patient.

Share FCC to every patients

Engage your patients, turn them into your ambassadors and get them to recommend your hospital's lab facility to their friends. Create new patient base and boost recurring business with a new patient referral program.

fcc cover design for hospital

You can share it to your IP patients for FREE or by collecting Rs 200 / - per coupon. In both wise this will make value to the patients.If you share it for Rs 200 /- your spending amount will be ZERO

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