Blood tests at your doorstep

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Blood testing at your doorsteps

For many people, the idea of spending long hours in a lab or hospital may sound demotivating. Many people also avoid going for preventive screenings and lab tests as they dread battling city traffic. In certain cases, travel-related stress can increase the risk of infection and delay recovery.


pick2heal preventive allows people to check sugar, cholesterol and BP of their entire family just @ Rs 1 for each. The goal behind preventive feature is to get alert the people regarding preventive healthcare and thereby build a diabetic free, stroke free society.

#Preventive Coin

#Preventive Coin is nothing but a coin which helps all your family members to do health check-up at a very low price from the best labs nearby. Especially if you are diabetic patient / you know any diabetic patients in your circle, share and refer them to pick2heal preventive and increase your coin value. Hence together we can build a diabetic free, stroke free society.

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pick2heal really helped me to avail diagnostic service at the doorsteps. Easy and user friendly experience while booking. Best wishes to the team and highly recommended under current lifestyle habits of most people where we need to realize that prevention is always better than the cure.
Asif Mohammed, Director. Nautic Port Services Pvt Ltd

We appreciate your service. A phlebotomist was assigned to my parents and we found your service very good. I would like to take a moment to say thank you pick2heal.
- Dr Remya Dev, Trivandrum

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