Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is pick2heal?

Pick2heal is a cloud platform intended to revolutionize the medical industry.

2. How much of initial cost does need to start with pick2heal?

No. You can easily make a sign up using your mail address. Once you made a signup, you will get a pick2heal id (p2h id).Currently pick2heal comprises a single application Dheal for diagnostic centers across the country and if you need it you can use it as well.

3. How pick2heal will help diagnostic centers as a platform?

By using Dheal diagnostic centers can create a standard online profile and it will be listed in Pick2heal's search platform in addition to the other values.

4. How much training is needed for using Dheal?

Dheal is very flexible and easy to use. If you are familiar with internet, that's enough to use Dheal.

5. What are needed in order to use Dheal as a cloud application?

To use Dheal as a cloud application in order to enrich your Diagnostic center, all you have to do is; enter your diagnostic center's details correctly.

6. How do Dheal will help the Diagnostic center?

By using Dheal diagnostic center can enrich their service, increase business and attract more people to the center as well.

7. How do Dheal will help people?

People will get all their report by online and pick2heal will keep their report for a period of three months with unlimited download.

8. How Dheal secure diagnostic report?

To download the diagnostic report one should enter the secret code get from pick2heal by mail or SMS after generating report. Only the patient should know the secret code and in that way Dheal secure your report from unwanted download.

9. What types of information will store on pick2heal?

Pick2heal will only store your basic information in order to make your sign up process easy. It will take more serious concern about carrying data while you choose an application.

10. Is there any additional cost needed to use Dheal?

No. Absolutely not.We are providing it free of cost.Our intention is to enrich the medical industry across the country.