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pick2heal is now ready to integrate with your LIMS software. By adding pick2heal API you can attract more labs as it is such a cost effective method for them to provide patients report online.! pick2heal


Integrating API to your software is quite simple process.

Submit the details mentioned to:


Request Format

Method POST
Content-Type multipart/form-data

Variable names and values.// You should initialize all the fields exactly as below.

The first four variable values listed below should get from the client application.

name - Patient's name.

mobile - Patient's mobile number.

email - Patient's email (optional) // This is an optional value. In case patient need mail alert can take this and otherwise not mandatory.

reportfile - Pdf version of reports.

You will get all the below values from the diagnostic centre's dashboard -> API page once they created a lab profile in www.pick2heal.com

phid - Diagnostic centre's profile p2h Id.

branch - Diagnostic centre's branch code. If multiple branches are associated to pick2heal, each branch have a different unique branch code.

apikey - Branch api key.In order to identify lab's branch, we need api key values. You can simply generate api key of corresponding lab branch where you are going to integrate API by clicking Generate Key

Test your LIMS by using the below values

Together with the values from your software, you can submit the below values mentioned and test whether your codes are working or not.

phid - PH1008

branch - BR1128

apikey - 9c81744da7b81ec80e851454dde2e603

Once your code is worked fine, that submitted mobile number will get an SMS as mentioned below.

Dear, MR. XXXXX your diagnostic report has been ready to download. Please do download it from www.pick2heal.com by placing the code DC12784609263245. By team ABC LAB, Trivandrum

MR. XXXXX - Patient's name you submitted

DC12784609263245 - Code to download lab report

ABC LAB - Name of Lab (Here it is ABC LAB)

Trivandrum - Place where the lab is situated (Here it is Trivandrum)

Once you got the SMS, just visit www.pick2heal.com and place the code you got out there. You will get the report you've submitted from your LIMS software. That's it!

For pdf API documentation, Click Here

For any queries on API, you can call us on +91 9539 9589 05 Or you can simply email us through Contact Us form and our team will revert you.