About Us

Improving the healthcare through compassionate care and innovation. We believe that everyone should have instant and affordable access to a well-qualified medical lab facility whenever and wherever needed as most of the todays treatments are highly depend on trusted medical report. This belief is what unifies all of us at pick2heal. Availing both on demand and preventive health check-ups is a time taking task in today’s fast moving life as we have to run into a lab, waiting in the long queue and revisiting the lab for collecting the report. And it’s even more difficult for an aged or bedded patient to do a blood test . This is a large and growing problem in healthcare, making our mission that much more important. We can help patients to give blood samples from anywhere they want and avail the best lab facility in the city, saving valuable time and money. Hundreds of patients and medical labs trust pick2heal.

Need health checkup

pick2heal allows you to book blood testing services at a reduced rate from the best medical labs nearby. And also you can avail home / office blood sample collection too as we respect your time.

Prevention is better than cure.

If you are above 30 years of age, then you should start checking Sugar, Cholesterol and BP at least to keep yourself safe. Now you can check all these just @ Rs 1 for each. To avail this, login to your pick2heal account and join preventive now.